Twitter Monitor

Twitter Monitor is a system that allows non-IT researchers to capture Twitter data based on search criterias.

NOTICE: In July, Twitter canceled free access to the academic version of the API. As such, the collection service is suspended until we find a viable alternative to resume data collection.

Portuguese Version

How it works?

1) The Researcher defines the search criteria and a start and end date for the collection and sends it to the Twitter Monitor team.

2) A Project is created and a URL is entered so that the searcher can follow the search results.

3) The system starts the collection and stores the collected tweets

4) As the collection is performed, the researcher can in real time analyze the results found and include new search criteria

5) At the end of the process, the system issues tally reports and allows you to export the data to content analysis software.

The system is free, we don't charge any value at all and it's used exclusively for academic purposes.

To read about our methodology and use cases, click here (in Portuguese)

If you are a researcher and are interested in using the tool, send an email


Who develops ?

The system was conceived by Josir Gomes and was funded and supported by IBICT/CGTI, LARHUD and teachers from PPGCI IBICT/UFRJ.

Information Policies

We follow in full the Developer Twitter Agreement

The source code for Tweet Monitor is based on the GPL 3.0 license and the sources can be downloaded on GitHub.

Research Project funded by Larhud and CGTI/IBICT